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Why Use a Travel Agent?

Think travel agents are a dying profession? Think again. We have never been busier.

Saves money in the long run
We have a lot of preferred vendors that we work with and we can often combine air and hotel and car rental into one booking which maximizes the savings. If saving money is important to you, then we will give you all options to keep the cost down. 

Expertly trained
We have spent countless hours training and learning about the locations, accommodations and services we reserve for you, so there are thing that we know that you don't. We are always learning and we would love to have the chance to share what we have learned to you. As a bonus with us in this office, we have extensively traveled so more often than not, one of our travel agents has actually traveled there and can share insider knowledge about that location. We have agents train in Honeymoon and destination weddings, adventure vacation, group and more!

Less Stress
Often brides and grooms hire wedding planners to help them with all the moving pieces of the wedding day to let them focus on the fun at hand. We travel agents work the same way. Let us do the work and all you need to do is get excited. We know what to ask you, what we need to secure reservations and we can do all of that for you. We are also your travel agent from beginning to end, so if something happens before or during your trip, you can call us and we can fix it for you. Snow Storm keeping you from getting home? Hotel doesn't recognize your confirmation number? Call us and we can handle these issues for you.

Traveling internationally? Never taken a cruise before? We know all the step, visas, and requirements to get you where you need to go. It can get confusing when you are doing something new. It's not new to us, let us help you. We know how to spend less time in TSA lines and more time on vacation or when you need vaccines and when you do not. Ask us, we know.

Tried and true
We have been in this business a long time and we have created relationships with our clients, vendors, resorts and the community. We have clients that we have had for over 40 years, they are basically family. We create custom vacation for them because we know them. We have been working with some of the same sales reps, or hotels or tour operators for decades and they know us. We have a connection with them and we pass that connection onto you and your booking.

Give us a chance to prove our worth to you and you will not regret it.